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la schmoove 
2nd-Jan-2012 05:50 am
uru || happy to help
I hope everyone had a good New Year Day!

I don't really have any New Year's resolutions or anything, but I do need to write or draw more things this year. I'm getting really out of practice. :T

I ended up spending quite a bit of money on the Steam Christmas sale, but the game I'm looking forward to playing is Darksiders. It looks pretty fun, it's another one of those games that uses Biblical characters and whatever. I hope it plays well enough on my laptop.

The one game that took me by surprise this sale was The Binding of Isaac. I've played Super Meat Boy and didn't like it so much, probably because it's ridiculously challenging. But Isaac is a lot more fun to play, even though it's still stupidly difficult. I just like experimenting with all the pills and stuff.

I also finally got LIMBO. That game is super atmospheric, wow. Kinda freaky, too. (THE SPIDER. THE BRAIN BUGS.) The design style just adds to the whole thing. Love it.

My goal is to finish these games, damn it. I need to stop starting games and leaving them hanging. I'm pretty sure the last game I finished was El Shaddai. 8|a

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2nd-Jan-2012 06:41 pm (UTC)
I liked Limbo a lot. Died a lot too :(
2nd-Jan-2012 09:27 pm (UTC)
Me too. It always surprises me when the kid dies. OTL
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