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FF7 for the PC (again) 
4th-Jul-2012 03:27 pm
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...is apparently a real thing? I'm kinda surprised.

Not much data on it other than achievements, a cash shop, and cloud saves. I am very curious what the achievements are, the cash shop seems kinda useless to me, and cloud saves just makes me LOL for stupid, stupid reasons.

I do wish we could get info on whether the translation is redone/straightened out for this version. I'd buy it just for that, honestly. (FFT's new translation was so worth re-purchasing. I have no regrets.) If it's not fixed, then... eh. I'm not sure.

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5th-Jul-2012 09:29 am (UTC)
I bought FF7 on the PS Store a while ago, just because I wanted so bad to have a working copy again. Now I kind of wish I had waited because this looks quite cool...

If it makes you feel better, "cloud saves" is the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while XD
6th-Jul-2012 10:20 am (UTC)
I don't think I'll ever get over using the term "cloud saves" in reference to FF7 stuff. It's too funny to me. OTL

Augh, it's kinda tempting to get, isn't it? I wonder if this one will be expensive... I hope not. I know S-E likes to keep things full priced, but I can still dream.
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